Improving the Quality of Life & Communications with Citizens

  • Worked with Mecklenburg County Commissioners to begin the process of allowing Huntersville PD to police its unincorporated areas (July 1, 2018)
  • Began construction on a new fire station and recreation center
  • Increased funding for additional police officers
  • Held Huntersville’s first Veteran’s Park Parade and Celebration
  • Created Veteran’s and Public Safety liaisons
  • Video streaming of board meetings, Facebook recap of town board meetings
  • Conducted numerous non-required public information meetings
  • Started Monthly Mayor’s luncheons
  • Initiating Huntersville Huddle Ups
  • Met with over 75 companies and attended numerous groundbreaking events
  • Held a mid-year planning retreat and other public pre-meetings
  • Attended numerous school functions, civic organizations, media interviews, HOAs and meetings with potential partners for the town.
  • Approved new or modified town ordinances for dog tethering, panhandling, graffiti, pedestrian solicitation, alcohol sales at town festivals, non-profit policy, food truck ordinance, bona-fide farm, breweries in town, parking lot landscaping, degradation ordinance (CMUD)
  • Changed the Traffic Impact Analsyis (TIA) ordinance to allow for larger road improvement projects from developers
  • Spent fund balance to accelerate road projects such as improvements to Gilead Road between McCoy and Wynfield
  • Signed School Resource Officer agreement with LKN Charter and facilities agreement for new gym at LKN Charter Elementary
  • Received several grants for Ocular Melanoma, downtown aesthetic improvements, greenways
  • Signed annexation agreement with Kannapolis after many years of negotiations
  • Started Waymer center improvements
  • Encouraged citizens to join town boards resulting in a record number of applicants
  • Accelerated greenway projects:
  1.  The Park committed land and project design for about 1 mile
  2. 1 mile connection from Wynfield neighborhood to Birkdale commons (2018)
  3. Committed $300,000 for future project – Rosewood Meadow Lane to Park & Ride on Hwy 21 with County
  4. Budgeted $100,000 in non-motorized funds for greenways or sidewalks
  5. Worked with numerous developers to secure greenway right of ways

Being Fiscally Responsible

Pottstown Community Trunk-or-Treat

  • Sold Anchor Mill property $1.3 million. (3 acres of the site will be donated to County for the Greenway.)
  • Canceled/delayed event center saving over $1,000,000.
  • Managed debt and cash for capital improvement projects saving almost $600,000 in yearly interest payments
  • Reduced town manager’s FY17 budget by about $300,000, which went into fund balance for infrastructure projects
  • Passed FY 2018 budget without any tax or fee increases
  • Refinanced older debt saving the town over $300,000 in interest
  • Worked with the town of Davidson secure a $300,000 contribution for Bradford park improvements, Davidson’s first capital improvement contribution to the park.
  • Rejected $57,000 request from Charlotte to finance marketing of a convention for League of municipalities.
  • Canceled PIO position saving over $55,000
  • Withdrew from LNTC saving over $25,000
  • Withdrew from Metro Mayor’s saving $20,000
  • Eliminated $10,000 in travel expenses
  • Declined U.S Mayor’s Association membership saving $3,500
  • Canceled free garbage pickup for commercial entities in the downtown area and slowed rollout of new garbage cans saving over $60,000 per year
  • Withheld incentives for a company in Huntersville that did not meet targets
  • Consolidated transportation into planning department
  • Created a new more objective Manager’s review process

Creating a Business Friendly Atmosphere

  • Established the Huntersville Ordinances Advisory Board  resulting in the elimination of several ordinances and the modification of others
  • HOAB gives businesses and residents a place to voice their concerns
  • LUESA/Huntersville process reviewed
  • Hosted breakfast linking the education community and Huntersville town staff with the business community
  • Started the process of developing new rules for downtown storm water mitigation
  • Began developing new downtown road work improvement plan (downtown TIA)
  • Established Pre-development board – an optional board used for potential rezoning projects
  • Received positive feedback from the development community
  • Improved the traffic impact analysis ordinance (TIA)
  • Successfully interacted with local companies to help grow their businesses (Examples: Nutec, Seartex, & Ensemble Health)