Huntersville Town Board Accomplishments

Improving the Quality of Life & Communications with Citizens:

Attending the Habitat for Humanity Women Build Event

  • Signed joint use agreement with Mecklenburg County & CPCC for Huntersville Rec Center and parking.
  • Completion of Veteran’s Park, Huntersville Rec Center and Fire Station Number 4.
  • Committed $1,000,000 to the completion of Huntersville’s cross-town greenway system.
  • Supported House Bill 514 creating municipal charter schools.
  • Formed Huntersville Education Options Study Commission to engage and educate the public about municipal charter schools.
  • Hired new town manager, public information officer and fulltime in-house town attorney.
  • Upgraded audio visual in the town hall board room using money from a grant more than a decade old.
  • Initiated Community Development Block Grants to build sidewalks, repair homes and improve water & sewer infrastructure in lower income neighborhoods.
  • Clarke Creek Small Area plan for senior housing/transitional living.
  • Continued study of Ocular Melanoma in Huntersville and surrounding area.
  • Created public art committee.
  • Facebook recap of board meetings.
  • Continued Mayor’s monthly luncheons.
  • Renovated “Old Jail”.

Being Fiscally Responsible:

Serving at the Huntersville Cares event with Samaritan’s Feet

  • Instructed town manager to implement town-wide pay study ensuring Huntersville’s staff compensation remains competitive with surrounding communities.
  • Signed an agreement with Mecklenburg County to allow for HPD to police unincorporated Huntersville.
  • Signed new five year agreement with city of Charlotte for 911 service.
  • Consolidated North Meck Rescue Squad and Long Creek Volunteer Fire into HFD.
  • Hired Swim Club Management Group to operate Huntersville Family Fitness & Aquatics. HFFA is cash-flow positive and will begin paying back loan to Huntersville’s general fund FY 19. (Approximately $350,000 per year).
  • Signed $200,000 agreement with Community School of Davidson for evening and weekend access to 8 tennis courts.
  • Created a policy for non-profit grants.
  • Sold over $750,000 of town owned vacant land.
  • Received corporate sponsorships for new outdoor fitness zone equipment at Huntersville Rec Center.
  • Secured $50,000 State grant for Veteran’s Park.

Creating a Business-Friendly Atmosphere:

Leading Huntington Green Clean-up

  • Partnered with the State and County to build Patterson Road bringing potentially over $75 million of commercial business investment.
  • Held numerous business engagement sessions linking the town and education community with the business community.
  • Conducted several road construction update meetings with businesses potentially impacted by new road improvements.
  • Bringing in-house several Land Use and Environmental Services Agency (LUESA) functions to have more control over permitting process and development.

New or Pending Road Projects:

  • Main Street Improvements.
  • Gilead Road West widening between McCoy Road and Wynfield Parkway.
  • Ferreltown Parkway extension linking Huntersville-Concord Road and Ramah Church Road.
  • Patterson Road extension into the Park Huntersville helping to improve traffic flow for over 6,000 employee business park.
  • Continued to add to the over $550 million worth of road and infrastructure improvements.